Run up till your sight.

This is my visit to Andaman and Nicobar Islands and its experience. It wasn’t as froliscsome or happening but I actually faced something which stung my psyche. I could only repent and sympathize.
Very few of us would know about the ‘Kalepani ki saza’ which is known as cellular jail in capital state, Port Blair. I had a vague idea about it as my mom told me about the same. She said “ The ones who were held guilty of treason and violation of laws were sent to Andaman and they were left there until death”. To my utter surprise what was it which made it so dreadful? What was it that made it so torturing? I said “This island is beautiful why will anyone see it as torturing?” Then she added “ The prisoners were left free and as there was only waters surrounding the Andaman & Nicobar islands no one could escape and hence no one could escape the open jail. Ironical, isn’t it?”
We then visited the Cellular Jail which is now a very important Historical Monument.
The construction of the prison started in 1896 and was completed in 1906. The original building was puce coloured brick building. The bricks used to build the building were brought from Burma. Building had seven wings, at the centre of which a tower served as the intersection and was used by guards keep watch on the inmates. The wings radiated from the tower in straight lines, much like the spokes of a bicycle wheel. A large bell was kept in the tower to raise an alarm. Each of the seven wings had three stories upon completion. There were no dormitories and a total of 693 cells. Each cell was 4.5 metres x 2.7 metres or 13.5×7.5 feet in size with a ventilator located at a height of three metres. The name, “cellular jail”, derived from the solitary cells which prevented any prisoner from communicating with any other. Also, the spokes were so designed such that the face of a cell in a spoke saw the back of cells in another spoke. This way, communication between prisoners was impossible. They were all in solitary confinement.
One of the prisoners shared his experience in which he said “They gave us clothes which hardly covered our modesty and we were told to take bath in the same clothes they provided us with which was humiliating beyond one can encompass. They give us food in oiled plates and only starch water and nothing else. They told us to extract oils in such amounts which no human can. We knew the result so we were ready to face the consequences. They us to beat us until they used to get tired.” Every prisoner there faced the same trauma and pain.
The guard there exclaimed to all of the prisoners “Do you see the walls? Do you know why they are so low? They are so because you are free to run, RUN UP TILL YOUR SIGHT & YOU’LL ONLY FIND WATER and you’ll return here.”


Beings without the most powerful weapon.

When you read the topic what automatically comes to your mind is destruction and casualties all around the world, isn’t it? But fortunately the answer is no.
Just imagine a world of humans which is not gifted with the ability to speak as when you achieve expertise in any field we misuse it.
Now as I’ve put up an assumption, I’ll use it and let you imagine that what would be the world`s history without the world’s greatest speaker, Adolph Hitler. Without the one who influenced the crowd from against to for him. Confiding in the most honest aim of Labensraum, the world saw him changing the it’s history in front of their eyes. Of what people now refer as The Holocaust.
If it was actually a world without the speaking ability it would have been a peaceful world but as the humans are referred to as social animals it will socialize and it’ll share emotions undoubtedly. Just by gestures and written manner of exchanging emotions and knowledge people will think twice as to do so making it more easy and comfortable for others to understand.
I sometimes think that what if we earn and pay in emotions? Wouldn’t it be lovely and simple? Yes, of course it’ll be but nevertheless this thought only can give us a relief which is more than enough.
What I actually wanted to convey was that think and then speak as it might create history, misery or mystery. 😀

Experience the experiences

Down the timeline when I recollect the memories of class XII it fills me with nostalgia. It gave us a spirit of going on with things even if they are challenging, it gave us the last school memories, it showed us the glimpse of the world would be id we don’t work hard and it was when I wrote the following note, when our teachers taunted with all desperation.

Experience the experiences.
When you’re repeatedly told you are worth nothing, every word hits so hard that you actually start believing it, the notion sets within the soul.
The experiences race along the length of your mind, the mind and heart starts racing to reach on a conclusion and finally it summons itself to accept. Life is full of experiences and this one of a kind. Those who undergo many are the ones who’ll have two hands full of experiences on the dooms day, grandeur will follow.
The need is to fit in, follow the life’s rhythm set for you. The more you go off beat, it’ll hit you with its beats.
Gather confidence as we are from the mud and will dissolve there. The beginning and the final destination is the same, only the path traversed is different. Wholly the choice of the traveller.
LIFE, make it worthwhile. 🙂

Did you know what I discovered? :)

FACE- Frolicsome, Affable, Civilized & Enigmatic. This what should define a person with a beautiful face. Don’t take me wrong when I mention frolicsome as one of the qualities of any beautiful face. My mom once told me ‘A face reflects inner thoughts and moods, the temperament, it’s a mirror to your thoughts.’ So being  frolicsome nature will create an environment with seeds to happiness and fruitful moments.  Secondly, being affable, which means being pleasant and at ease in talking to others. Don’t mistake me with either garrulous or taciturn. Create a balance, think of what you have to speak  and make people approach you and then appreciate you. Thirdly, being a civilized person in every manner, a polished approach, rational and emotional thinking. Fourthly, having an enigma that makes all of us different from each other. By enigmatic I mean talented, which is still a mystery to some of us and is yet to be discovered. Not being naïve but enigmatic.


We all dress for the sake of eyes of others. Inspite of being the most comfortable in pyjamas and loose t-shirts we go in for skinny jeans and fitting shirts or whatever the world has classified as ‘good looking’. Basically we all have started dressing(living) for others, unknowingly. Contradictory to the mental dressing. Will we spend our money on the ones with torn clothes? Will we lessen our greed for everything and share a part of it with the ones who don’t possess any? Because I’m sure they will share a lovely little blissful smile that actually quenches thirst of our greedy minds.

So do you possess a beautiful face? 🙂 

Start afresh.

With my social media status as ‘Everything seems to fall in place and Time is a big healer’, it conveys my mental state. Before coming to my actual point I would like to introduce myself as a novice in the field of Mass Media. Gathering my whorl of thoughts and imagination I’ve stepped in the world of Mass Communication. After the class 10th results and at the time of choosing my stream, it was tough to make a decision between mass media or mathematics. Not being able to understand a single formula in the maths lecture of class 11th I switched to Mass media. Ms. Kumud Munshi was the one who exposed me to the field of mass media and left me to explore it on my own. The result is that it’s influence is now embossed upon my mind and heart. I want to explore it even more, dedicating my bit of knowledge and whole of concentration to it.

The remaining and the most important part of class 12th was to excel in science subjects- Physics, Chemistry & Biology. Now this was a catch! From the very beginning of my Class 12th I never cleared Physics Exam, We were the worst best friends & were handcuffed for two years and only way to unlock those were to  create understanding between each other, which was next to impossible because Physics had different wavelength of thinking and I was at different level of the spectrum of all wavelenghts. Chemistry was dear to me but it took me as it’s foe. We had redox combination. Yet complimentary but destructive. Either of us was destructive to each other. Biology and me were best friends, I finally found out the best match for me as my friend Marilyn Joy. Everything same, even the subjects, thinking and ironical situation stated above. Soon the boards arrived, the dreaded boards to be more precise, sooner the results.                 So now the results! Our group successfully passed and scored well. Everybody of our notorious gang vowed to leave Science at its own because of no creation of understanding between us. My father wanted me to do law. He still exclaims it to me that what will you communicate if you don’t have a substantial amount of knowledge to share. “A proper degree in hand makes you more open to world of mass media, have an arsenal of knowledge, human vocabulary and then excel in the field of mass media and I guarantee you will”, he said. Sometimes these words do echo in my brain so as to accept it and agree to what my father says. NO! the young blood exclaims I’ve made the right choice and I shall prove it to all.  A proverb from nowhere starts to flow into my ears that ‘It’s not about taking a right decision, it’s about taking the wrong and making it right.’

Lastly, for those who’ve taken BMM just to enjoy as for them it’s just way to kill and pass their time it is an insult for those sitting along with you who’ve taken it to excel and make a mark in the upcoming years.

No offence. 🙂