Did you know what I discovered? :)

FACE- Frolicsome, Affable, Civilized & Enigmatic. This what should define a person with a beautiful face. Don’t take me wrong when I mention frolicsome as one of the qualities of any beautiful face. My mom once told me ‘A face reflects inner thoughts and moods, the temperament, it’s a mirror to your thoughts.’ So being  frolicsome nature will create an environment with seeds to happiness and fruitful moments.  Secondly, being affable, which means being pleasant and at ease in talking to others. Don’t mistake me with either garrulous or taciturn. Create a balance, think of what you have to speak  and make people approach you and then appreciate you. Thirdly, being a civilized person in every manner, a polished approach, rational and emotional thinking. Fourthly, having an enigma that makes all of us different from each other. By enigmatic I mean talented, which is still a mystery to some of us and is yet to be discovered. Not being naïve but enigmatic.


We all dress for the sake of eyes of others. Inspite of being the most comfortable in pyjamas and loose t-shirts we go in for skinny jeans and fitting shirts or whatever the world has classified as ‘good looking’. Basically we all have started dressing(living) for others, unknowingly. Contradictory to the mental dressing. Will we spend our money on the ones with torn clothes? Will we lessen our greed for everything and share a part of it with the ones who don’t possess any? Because I’m sure they will share a lovely little blissful smile that actually quenches thirst of our greedy minds.

So do you possess a beautiful face? 🙂 


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