Beings without the most powerful weapon.

When you read the topic what automatically comes to your mind is destruction and casualties all around the world, isn’t it? But fortunately the answer is no.
Just imagine a world of humans which is not gifted with the ability to speak as when you achieve expertise in any field we misuse it.
Now as I’ve put up an assumption, I’ll use it and let you imagine that what would be the world`s history without the world’s greatest speaker, Adolph Hitler. Without the one who influenced the crowd from against to for him. Confiding in the most honest aim of Labensraum, the world saw him changing the it’s history in front of their eyes. Of what people now refer as The Holocaust.
If it was actually a world without the speaking ability it would have been a peaceful world but as the humans are referred to as social animals it will socialize and it’ll share emotions undoubtedly. Just by gestures and written manner of exchanging emotions and knowledge people will think twice as to do so making it more easy and comfortable for others to understand.
I sometimes think that what if we earn and pay in emotions? Wouldn’t it be lovely and simple? Yes, of course it’ll be but nevertheless this thought only can give us a relief which is more than enough.
What I actually wanted to convey was that think and then speak as it might create history, misery or mystery. 😀


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