Experience the experiences

Down the timeline when I recollect the memories of class XII it fills me with nostalgia. It gave us a spirit of going on with things even if they are challenging, it gave us the last school memories, it showed us the glimpse of the world would be id we don’t work hard and it was when I wrote the following note, when our teachers taunted with all desperation.

Experience the experiences.
When you’re repeatedly told you are worth nothing, every word hits so hard that you actually start believing it, the notion sets within the soul.
The experiences race along the length of your mind, the mind and heart starts racing to reach on a conclusion and finally it summons itself to accept. Life is full of experiences and this one of a kind. Those who undergo many are the ones who’ll have two hands full of experiences on the dooms day, grandeur will follow.
The need is to fit in, follow the life’s rhythm set for you. The more you go off beat, it’ll hit you with its beats.
Gather confidence as we are from the mud and will dissolve there. The beginning and the final destination is the same, only the path traversed is different. Wholly the choice of the traveller.
LIFE, make it worthwhile. 🙂


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